Why kids today are not cleaning up after themselves?

Children, as they grow, need constant follow up and guide to teach them how to take care of the mess they make. As humans, we learn from corrections every day so does a child. If we don’t try to correct them, they can never learn. Below, I have selected some few reasons why kids today can’t clean up themselves.

Parents are too busy to train them. Some parents are workaholics so much so that they spend little or no time with their kids. This alone has a lot to play in a child’s upbringing. Such a child will lack the basics in life. If mom is not there to always correct them when they mess up the room, they will not learn how to clean up after themselves.

Kids today have Nannies at home that do all their dirty mess. Kids today have caretakers (Nannies) that do all the washing and cleaning for them. As a parent, it’s good to have such services at home to care for your kids. This makes the kids lazy in doing home chores as all they do is want to play. Kids are very intelligent and when they do mess up the room, the parent or the nanny always does the cleaning, they can never take responsibility for their mess. Parents should try as much as possible to make sure they make their kids responsible for their mess and not rely on the nanny to always do it for them. If not, they will not know how to clean up after themselves when they grow up.

Parents don’t set rules for kids. Parents give in to children these days. There are ways you can be harsh on children without them knowing. Like for example, you can say to a child, if I see your room messed up, no holidays for you or no new toys. Use what the child loves to blackmail the child and that child will obey. But today, parents turn to pamper their children and whatever they ask goes.

They don’t get challenged.  Children love challenges and they get so excited when they win. Do a weekly chart on board in their rooms to show them their weekly score. Encourage them when they are doing better and don’t when they are not. This will motivate them. However, this is not the case for some parents today as they turn to be so busy to do the routine.

We turn to beg them a lot. If you don’t talk to your child with confidence, then who will? That’s the mistake most parents do. Trying to pamper them. It’s true we need to pamper them, but to an extent, we will be doing them a whole lot of favors if we put things straight for them. When asking the child to get something done, you can say ”Go clean up your room fast” once they are done with the cleaning, that’s when you give them the credit.